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drainage pipe perforated with 15 mm diameter hole

Wastex is a drainage pipe perforated with 15 mm diameter holes used in the collection of leachate in solid waste landfill environmental containment sites.

  •     Double wall corrugated construction provides high ring stiffness.
  •     Smooth bore ensures high flow rates and velocities.
  •     Manufactured from HDPE with high impact strength.
  •     Available in 2 nominal diameters 110mm, and 160mm.
  •     Available in 6m lengths.
  •     Manufactured in accordance with strength requirements of DIN4262.
  •     Simple push fit couplings available with or without rubber sealing ring.
  •     Yellow line marks apex of pipe to ensure correct orientation of flow channel.
  •     Fabricated HDPE fittings are available.
  •     15mm diameter perforation holes will not block or clog.
  •     Unperforated pipes are available to be used as a conveyor pipe.
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